This is our philosophy

Get to know the team at MadridNYC Studio

Why make things more complicated than they need to be?

We are a team of professionals experienced in developing corporate image and digital visibility. Our work focuses on simple designs that offer a complete solution. What begins as communication difficulties for many of our clients, turns into a visual experience that practically sells itself. To do so, we make sure to…

  • Give each project a 360º approach.
  • Facilitate communication throughout the entire process.
  • Complete our work within the delivery period (or before).
  • Go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

A small team with a big spirit

At MadridNYC Studio, we’re graphic design and web development specialists who share a simple, yet transparent philosophy. Both our offices in Madrid and New York City work hard to achieve a common goal — help our clients create the best image possible.

Having a comprehensive vision of marketing is what allows us to consistently identify and apply effective strategies to each project in order to boost brand reputation.

Every business with a digital presence should be giving special attention to their graphics, usability, and current market demand. This is why we focus on creating quality graphics and an excellent user experience.

For us, the true essence of branding is knowing how to accurately convey our client’s message. If you take a look in our portfolio, you’ll find samples from each of our projects.

This is how MadridNYC Studio was created

February 2003 – April 2012

MadridNYC has roots stretching way back to 2003 when freelance designer, CEO, and founder Oscar Palanco made the decision of a lifetime. With his strong entrepreneurial spirit, he left everything in Madrid behind to go chase his dreams in New York City.

Oscar spent over 10 years gaining experience and improving his graphic design skills. Then in 2007, he decided to partner up with an experienced web designer and co-founder of MadridNYC — his brother David.

April 2012 – January 2014

It was in 2012 when Oscar Polanco returned to Spain to work alongside David, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Based out of Madrid, but still as freelancers, they would develop the philosophy that we see today at MadridNYC. Grounded by strong moral values and professional transparency, the two brothers decided it was time to take the next step. In 2014, they collaborated with several like-minded professionals to form an LLC.

January 2014 – Present

Since 2014, the Polanco brothers have been working together under the MadridNYC Studio corporate brand. During this time, their professional career has provided them with the opportunity to grow the studio and share their vision with many clients.

Our team is currently made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds across many different areas of marketing, with six members forming the core of our day-to-day company.